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Latalis Pro Damascus Knife 20cm


With this sharply priced discount bundle, you will have the perfect slicing experience in the kitchen for years to come! A razor sharp Latalis Pro Damascus Knife with a 20cm blade made from 67 layers of high quality Damascus VG10 steel. Bundled with a Latalis Pro 1000/6000 Sharpening Stone. One sharpening stone with two grain sizes to maintain your knives in perfect condition.

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Latalis Pro Damascus Knife 20cm

Forged from 67 layers of high quality Damascus steel, which are pressed together under high pressure to guarantee a sublime chef's knife. A real eye-catcher for every kitchen, suitable knife for both the professional and home chef. Treat yourself to the perfect cutting experience with the Latalis Pro Damascus Knife.

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Latalis Pro Whetstone 1000/6000

Sharpen any kitchen knife to perfection with the Latalis Pro Whetstone, which consists of two grain sizes: 1000 and 6000. Sharpen your knives with ease and cut through fish, meat and vegetables with similar ease once more.

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Product Description

The Latalis Pro Damascus Knife, a kitchen knife designed originally in Japan. A high-quality chef's knife with a blade of 20 cm, consisting of 67 high quality layers of damascus steel. A razor-sharp chef's knife for every kitchen.

Product Specifications


1000/6000 Grain

Sharpen knives yourself with 1000 and 6000 grit. Two grit sizes combined in one whetstone. With this professional knife sharpener, every kitchen knife can be sharpened coarsely or very finely.

Quality Steel

A blade consisting of 67 layers of high-quality stainless Damascus VG10 steel with an extreme hardness of 60 HRC, resulting in razor-sharp sharpness and many years of cutting pleasure. No kitchen task is too great!

1000/6000 Grain

This Japanese knife sharpener comes in a stable holder, made of beautiful bamboo wood. The holder of this knife sharpener has an anti-slip interior and bottom, so that every knife can be sharpened safely.

Ergonomic Handle

With a G10 handle and balanced endcap, this Damascus Knife can be used for any cutting task. The bolster, which consists of one whole part, ensures a balanced knife and therefore a perfect cutting experience.

Safe & Simple

Do you want to sharpen kitchen knives safely? The included sharpening angle guide can be mounted to the back of the knife. It allows you to sharpen a kitchen knife at a fixed angle of 12 to 15 degrees on any sharpening stone.



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