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Knife Set

In the kitchen, one knife is generally not enough. Different ingredients require different types of knives. For a hobby cook, however, buying kitchen knives can be overwhelming. There are countless knives with different sizes, materials and purposes. Instead of gathering a collection yourself, you can choose to buy a knife set. That way you’ll have all your kitchen basics in no time.

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A knife set for every kitchen

There are basic sets as well as more elaborate ones containing, for example, bread, meat or fillet knives. Or a set with a unique chef's knife, such as a damascus knife or santo knife. An example of a good basic set is our Latalis Pro Knife set, which includes a paring knife, utility knife and chef's knife. These three knives combined cover a wide range of uses, which makes this set ideal for any kitchen.

Knife set with a knife block

A magnetic knife block is a great solution for those who want their knives to be a real eye-catcher on the kitchen counter. By storing your knives safely in a magnet knife block, they cannot become dull by scraping against other hard materials. A knife block keeps the knives nice and sharp for a long time, which of course only benefits the life span of your knife set. You can also buy a knife block separately. There are many fine examples, including our magnetic bamboo version.

Keeping your knife set sharp with a knife sharpener

After intensive use, knives may lose their sharpness and need to be sharpened. There are different kinds of knife sharpeners available. You can sharpen your knives on a whetstone, this takes some practice but gives you all the freedom to sharpen them the way you want, but you can also use a knife sharpener for a more uniform look. These sharpeners have slots through which you can slide your knives to sharpen them. In this way you know for sure that you have the right sharpening angle and your valuable knife set will be like new in no time.

How do you clean and maintain a knife set?

The way you clean and maintain your knives influences their durability. It is best not to put your knives in the dishwasher but to wash them by hand, because some dishwasher tablets contain aggressive detergents that can damage the steel. If you wash the knife by hand, you can also prevent it from coming into contact with any hard object that could damage it.

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