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Knife Block

When you buy a nice set of knives for your kitchen, it’s important to take good care of them and to store them well. A knife block is a stylish and practical solution. The advantages of magnetic bamboo knife blocks/boards are expanded upon in the information bellow.

Storing knives safely with a knife block

A knife block can be a real eye-catcher in the kitchen, especially if it holds a beautiful damascus knife or santo knife. Not only does a knife block display your knives, it is also a safe way to store them. Most knife blocks cover the blade of your kitchen knife to prevent you from getting cut, but the magnetic knife block holds it in place in a manner that does not dull the blade. So not only is a knife block safe for you and all the grasping hands in the kitchen, it is also beneficial for your knives' lifespan.

Magnetic knife blocks

Besides the 'filled' knife holders with slots to slide the knives into, other models are also available. A knife magnet built into a stylish board is a common example. These are made out of different types of wood and are equipped with a magnet on the inside so that you can attach the knives to the side of the block, which prevents the knives from becoming dull due to friction. Magnetic knife blocks are available in both narrow wall mounts and as a knife block, where you 'stick' the knives against the side of the magnet. A magnetic knife holder is also easier to keep clean than a knife holder in which the knife is inserted, additionally it is a nice eye-catcher on your kitchen counter.

The advantage of bamboo

One of the materials with which the magnetic knife holders are made is bamboo. The characteristic appearance of this material fits in every kitchen, whether modern or rustic. Each bamboo knife block has its own unique wood grain, giving it a more personal look. Besides the attractive appearance of a bamboo knife block, there are also practical advantages in using this material. It has a long lifespan, it is antibacterial, stronger than other woods and it's antibacterial nature makes it very resistant to mold. These benefits ensure a long-lasting and reliable product that can fit in any home or kitchen.

Buying a knife block?

Interested in a knife magnet or block? Check out our Latalis Pro Magnetic Knife Block. This knife block has a strong magnet and can hold at least five knives with a blade up to 24 centimetres. This knife block can be bought separately or as part of a set and fits any magnetic kitchen knife.

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