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  • Sharpening a kitchen knife with a whetstone?

    Kitchen knives, chef’s knives and even scissors can lose their sharpness after intensive use and feel blunt. How do you get them sharp again? You can do this very simply with a whetstone, which comes in various sizes, grain sizes and materials.

  • How do you best maintain kitchen knives?

    Does your kitchen knife often become dull or does it easily become damaged? Perhaps this is due to the way you care for and store your kitchen knife.     How to store a kitchen knife? Kitchen knives are often lying loose in a cutlery drawer, which means they can easily collide with each other. [...] More
  • What is the difference between a chef’s knife and a santoku knife?

    There are many different kitchen knives, but the differences between a chef’s knife and santoku knife are the most frequently asked questions. The main visible difference between the two knives is the shape of the blade. On a santoku knife the blade slopes gently from the back to the edge whereas on a regular chef’s knife the blade has a pointed tip. Both knives therefore require a different cutting technique. But which one is the best?

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