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With intensive use kitchen knives can become dull and a whetstone is just the tool for the job to get your trusty kitchen companion razor sharp again. A good sharpening session with a whetstone or knife sharpener can make your knives as good as new in no time. Maintaining your knives can increase the longevity of your knives and prevent them from becoming dull, giving you the best cutting experience possible.

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Sharpen your knives easily

Working with a dull knife or knife set is no fun. Not only do you have to use more force to get through the ingredient, but it's also less safe. Therefore, properly maintaining your knives is a must. Sharpening a chef's knife or kitchen knife is not difficult, but it does require focus. There are several models of knife sharpeners and whetstones available to easily sharpen any kitchen knife, whether it is a damascus knife or a santo knife.

Why do you need a whetstone?

The best results are achieved by using a real whetstone. By using a whetstone you get to know your knife better and better, and you can sharpen it exactly the way you want to. Every whetstone consists of different types of stone that are carefully crafted to the perfect consistency for sharpening. A whetstone can consist of one or two parts: a coarse part for sharpening and a fine part for polishing. Different models of whetstones have different grain sizes. A blunter knife requires a larger grain size. The Latalis Pro Whetstones come with two different grain sizes, 1000/4000 and 1000/6000. After sharpening, store your sharpened kitchen knife safely and easily with a magnetic knife block for both safety and ease.

How does a knife sharpener work?

If you are less experienced or prefer a more uniform look, you can also choose a knife sharpener. These sharpeners are handy and easy to use. Unlike the sharpening stone, which has an open surface that you can freely grind on, knife sharpeners have slots through which you can slide the knife. In this way, you are guided and can be sure that you are sharpening the knife properly. In these slots, the blade of the knife passes the sharpener and the rough notches of the blade are removed. Afterwards, your knife will be razor sharp again.

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