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Latalis Pro Whetstone 1000/4000


Sharpen any kitchen knife to perfection with the Latalis Pro Whetstone, which consists of two grain sizes: 1000 and 4000. Sharpen your knives with ease and cut through fish, meat and vegetables with similar ease once more.

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Product Description

Your trusty kitchen knife will feel like new again after a sharpening session with the Latalis Pro Whetstone 1000/4000. This sharpening stone comes with two grit sizes, so you can sharpen burrs away with the 1000 grit and polish the blade with the 4000 grit. Note: submerge the whetstone in water before use.

Product Specifications


1000/4000 Grain

Self-sharpening knives with two grit sizes, 1000 and 4000. Two grit sizes combined in one whetstone. With this professional whetstone, your kitchen knives can be sharpened both coarsely and very finely. The levelling stone, which is included with the whetstone, allows you to level both sides of the whetstone after every sharpening.

Sharpen Safely

Do you want to sharpen your kitchen knives safely? The angle guide, which is included, can be attached to the back of the knife. This allows you to safely sharpen your kitchen knives at a fixed angle of 12 to 15 degrees on any sharpening stone.


The mounting of this whetstone is equipped with a non-slip interior and bottom, which keeps the whetstone in place, allowing each knife to be sharpened safely.

Bamboo Holder

This Japanese whetstone for kitchen knives includes a stable holder, made of beautiful bamboo wood.

Product information
Width total 23cm
Height total 11cm
Length total 7cm
Width whetstone 6cm
Height whetstone 2,8cm
Length whetstone 18cm
Weight 975g
Weight whetstone 730g
Colour whetstone White, light blue
Colour rest Brown, black
Material whetstone Aluminium oxide
Material rest Bamboo, silicon, plastic
Whetstone type Dual whetstone
Grain size Medium - 1000 / Fine - 4000
Suitable for Kitchen knives and/or scissors of (stainless) steel
Anti-slip Yes
Right- or lefthanded Both
Dishwasher safe No
Cleaning advice Clean with a wet rag or cloth
Incl. angle guide Yes
Incl. levelling board Yes
Delivered with base/holder Yes, silicone and bamboo
Binding agent Ceramically bonded
Abrasive Aluminiumoxide
Fixed grinding angle No
Use with water Yes, soak before use
Use with oil No
Warranty 2 year, carry-in
Origin China
Brand Latalis
Series Pro Serie
EAN 7433606891841


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